Single Glazing

A full range of single glazing products that include:

  • Toughened
  • Laminated
  • Leaded
  • Acid etched
  • Brilliant cut

Bevelled Glass

Our elegant range incorporates 5mm glass multi-faceted pieces, clusters and shapes which refract and reflect light to create a constant interplay of movement. Choose from clear or coloured bevelled glass designs to create windows and doors of distinction.

Effortlessly elegant. The pure clarity of these simple bevel designs has been created to catch and reflect the light from their multifaceted surfaces. Each beautifully designed piece or cluster, is attractively finished with delicate leadwork.

Light reflecting and easy to clean, this range will complement both town and country houses with timeless style and simplicity.

Fusion Elements

Traditional stained glass meets modern design in this modern twist. These glass elements are handmade by fusing molten coloured glass together, creating an eye-catching feature. With an extensive spectrum of sumptuous colours to choose from, we can create designs to suit your style.

These bonded and craftsman produced fused glass tiles combine the timeless appeal of leaded glass with a modern twist. Choose the Fusion tile colour of your choice and even add coloured glass effects to create a unique and contemporary accent to any window.

Bespoke Designs

If it’s possible, we’ll do it. Each design can be customised with a range of coloured lead profiles, a wide selection of coloured effect films and fused glass tiles. Due to the supremely flexible manufacturing systems we employ, it is also possible to alter the sizes of most designs to create a perfect match with your windows and doors. Our designers use specialised software to ensure that each design is perfectly proportioned before the manufacturing process of your bespoke design takes place.

Energy Efficient Units

Our quality sealed units are manufactured to comply with the latest regulations relating to energy efficiency.

Martindales can provide a wide range of units delivering energy ratings up to the highest ‘A’ rated standard.

We do this by combining low emissivity (Low E) and other coated glass products with argon gas filling and the use of warm edge spacer bar.

Whatever your requirements are with regard to energy efficient glazing, we can meet them.